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The SCREAM movies

I love this!

i hav the biggest crush on you nd i love u so much nd i want to hug u nd squeeze u nd bake u cakes. I want to make u happy nd i wnt to make u feel so loved nd appreciated. but u are only virtual. u dont know i exist. i can only hope that i can make u smile through the form of an ask. that is all i can evr be.

nooo nonny omg :(( youre very welcome to come off anon and talk to me if you want?? *kisses your forehead* xx


~shoves my ass into a mirror~


~shoves my ass into a mirror~

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girl: fuck me daddy

me: don’t call me daddy…call me dad

girl: ok…dad…are you gonna make me cum today?

me: ask your mother 

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Each year, the Great Pumpkin rises out of the pumpkin patch that he thinks is the most sincere. He’s gotta pick this one. He’s got to. I don’t see how a pumpkin patch can be more sincere than this one. You can look around and there’s not a sign of hypocrisy. Nothing but sincerity as far as the eye can see.

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why do anti-feminism blogs and sexist ppl follow my blog like why do you even follow me get the heck outie?? :oo

Hold it, hold it. What is this, are you trying to trick me? Where’s the sports? Is this a kissing book?

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sometimes i remember the first time i watched saw and just cry because it was so exciting„,

(friendly reminder) hej du är fin ok glöm inte det ;u;

image älskar dig!!!!

Alicia Silverstone as Adrian Forrester in the 1993 film The Crush